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SBM & Associates Inc:

We ensure that we serve our clients with unfailing integrity through openness, hardworking, tenacity, and dedication.

Further, we provide our clients with high-quality services. We are a proponent of teamwork tailored to achieve excellence which increases our success in problem-solving and arrives at building legal solutions more effectively and efficiently.

Our teamwork based on sharing legal opinions and experiences strengthens accountability and helps to make effective legal decisions faster giving our clients the benefits of receiving the best quality legal service. We have a consistent relationship with and are always accountable to our clients. We make sure that our clients are updated with their matters.


We tap into the Constitution, the rule of law to make a meaningful difference in societies.

We are a member of an international law firm organization called Law Firm Antiracism Alliance (LFAA) which is made up of law firms from Europe and virtually all the states of the USA. The purpose of the Anti-Racism Alliance Organization is to achieve race equity and as well as economic and social justice among other things, to make a meaningful impact on societies by addressing issues on inequalities, discrimination, institutional, structural racism and so forth



promote access to justice; To provide reliable legal advice and solutions; To be a trusted name in the legal profession through high-quality legal representation and excellent legal services; To provide speedy resolution

We strive to be Africa’s leading law firm. We have distinguished ourselves through our high-quality service, unfailing integrity, and high professional standards. We explain our vision below:

High-quality service

  • We have highly dedicated, diligent and professional members and a strong team and our team ensure that our clients received the best legal services;

  • We also have members with advanced researching skills and our members utilize their researching techniques to give high-quality services to our clients.


Unfailing integrity

  • We are grounded on high work ethics, openness and trustworthiness; We make sure that we protect our client’s interests to the best of our ability;

  • We ensure that our clients’ confidential and private details remain as such;

  • We keep our clients updated about their claims and funds in favour of them. We provide our clients with legal advice that is genuine.


High professional standards

  • We treat our clients with utmost respect and dignity;

  • We treat our clients as our team members;

  • We constantly and continuously remain accountable to our clients regarding their matters;

  • Our clients are well updated with their matters;

  • We utilize various forms of the network to keep our clients updated with their matters; amongst others include emails, direct telephone calls, messages and Whatsapp.

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