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Constitutional Court theme

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

The sight of the Apex Court's logo. It manifests people sheltering under a canopy of branches - the feature of the Constitution's role to give protection to our people. "The tree protects the people, and they look after the tree". Justice Albie Sachs. In South Africa, justice has traditionally taken place under a tree. The logo of the Constitutional Court echoes the theme that runs through this Court, that of justice under the tree. "The idea comes from traditional African societies: this was where people would meet to resolve disputes." The tree protects the people.

The theme of justice under the tree promotes access to justice, transparency and accountability. It is an important principle for everyone to appreciate particularly in a society like ours that is plagued by high levels of poverty, deep inequality and high unemployment since the dawn of democracy. The theme enables people who are more vulnerable to socio-economic hardships, discrimination and human rights abuses to access and enforce their human rights.  

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